About Sifnos




Sifnos coyly hides from passing ferry

passengers. At first glance it looks

barren, but the port is in the island’s

most arid area.

Explore and you’ll find an abundantly

attractive landscape of terraced olive

groves and almond trees, with oleanders

in the valleys and hillsides covered in

wild juniper, which used to fuel

potter’s kilns. There are numerous

dovecotes, whitewashed chapels and

houses. Plenty of old paths link the

villages, ideal for hiking.


In ancient times, the island was very

wealthy due to its gold and silver

mines. To protect their villages the

islanders constructed an elaborate

communications network of watchtowers

that used smoke signals to warn of

pirate attacks.

The islanders celebrate this old

tradition once a year by lighting fires

in the ruins of the 75 towers located

to date.



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